Shifting Systems

Interface between driver and vehicle.

We are a full-service supplier for shifting systems that develops and produces manual, automatic and shift-by-wire gearshift systems.

With many years of experience in the production of manual gearshift systems, as well as our activities in the shift-by-wire segment with our own software and production. These combine the high quality requirements for the overall system with maximum flexibility.

The modular gearshift design allows flexible use in different vehicle models and integrates great synergy effect.

Thanks to the use of modern design programs and stress calculations the weight and space optimised gearshift system fulfil the highest haptic requirements.

The innovative, non-contact sensor concept for automatic gearshift systems also records the selector lever position during the movement without gaps. This can, optionally, determine the switching speed and can very effectively recognise the original request of the driver because of the individual teach-in of each shift lever. Component tolerances are compensated and excellent measuring accuracy is combined with a high system robustness.